Frequently Asked Questions

Does granite have a completely smooth surface?

No. Although some granites may have a completely smooth surface, it depends on the type of material. Some materials can have more of a rough finish than others. Although this isn't considered a defect, we will always point these finishes out to customers to make sure they are fully aware of what they are purchasing.

Can marble be used in the kitchen?

We usually don't recommend customers to put marble in their kitchen. Although marble is beautiful, it is very porous and easy to scratch. People usually use marble for bathrooms, showers, fireplaces and floors. Some still do put it in their kitchens, but caution is advised.

Does granite stain, or at least stain easily?

Although granite is extremely resistant to stains, all stone is porous to some extent. Usually the lighter the stone, the more porous it is. Granite has very little porosity relative to other stones. Most granite colours will never show moisture, although some colours will show a dark spot if a puddle of liquid is left on the counter for a period of 30 minutes or more. The spot will eventually dry up and evidence will show. To be safe, be sure that your granite is sealed properly - either by the fabricator, or after the granite is installed.

Can I cut on Granite?

Absolutely! No fork or knife will be able to damage your granite, it will just dull your knives more quickly.

Does Granite require a lot of maintenance? What type of daily care does granite require?

We highly recommend every one to use a granite cleaner. The next best thing is mild soap and water. NEVER use abrasive cleaners. Depending on your material, we recommend sealing your counter at least once every 1 year - 5 years. A good rule of thumb is never clean your granite with something that you wouldn't wash your hands with.

Is granite heat resistant? Will a hot pot do any damage?

Granite is 100% heat resistant. No hot pot or plate will do any damage to your counter.

How do I know when to re-seal my granite countertop?

One method is to sprinkle water on it. If the water soaks into the stone and doesn't bead up on top, it is time to re-seal your countertop.